Amazon FeedbackWhiz is a great way to help a person with ADD/ADHD. Anyone with ADD/ADHD should look into using this product. Amazon FeedbackWhiz Review

I purchased the Amazon FeedbackWhiz product for a friend who has ADHD. It is an excellent product for those with ADD, OCD and ADHD.

The first thing I noticed when I purchased the Amazon FeedbackWhiz product was the great design and layout of the site. The layout is very eye-catching and very easy to navigate.

As far as the customer service goes, the customer service I received from Amazon FeedbackWhiz was stellar. I never received a problem that couldn’t be solved easily by Amazon. Customer service seems to be top notch on the Amazon FeedbackWhiz site.

The Amazon FeedbackWhiz program does work. What I did not realize is that the product works for every person with ADD/ADHD. You do not have to have one of the prescription meds to take the product. All you have to do is read the instructions and follow them.

I noticed some negative reviews of the product. However, there were a number of positive Amazon FeedbackWhiz reviews to back up the product.

Most people that had used the product said they have completely changed their lives and were thrilled with the results. Their attention span is longer and they are able to concentrate better.

One of the negative reviews said the product didn’t really do anything for him. Others reported having the same reaction and found the product was useless. My friend was very disappointed with this report.

I tried to contact the people that made the negative comments. The negative comments were left by a vendor that is not connected to Amazon FeedbackWhiz. They were not aware that they could leave negative feedbacks.

The Amazon FeedbackWhiz product is a great tool for helping a person with ADD/ADHD. I cannot emphasize enough the power of the product in helping someone with ADD/ADHD focus.

I found the support offered by Amazon FeedbackWhiz very helpful. I received one of the most excellent customer service emails I have ever received. I wish that I could give this product five stars because it is just that great.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. I was able to purchase the product and start using it without even having any problems with my ADD/ADHD.